Job Market Paper

Do Standard Error Corrections Exacerbate Publication Bias?
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2023 George Borts Prize for best doctoral dissertation in economics, Brown University

Presented at 2023 Econometrics Society North American Summer Meeting, Los Angeles; 2023 MAER-Net Colloquium; 2023 AYEW Monash University

Working Papers

Why Are Replication Rates So Low? 2024. Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Econometrics.
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Presented at 2024 BITSS Annual Meeting, Berkeley; 2023 Econometrics Society Australian Meeting, Sydney; 2022 Association for Interdisciplinary Meta-research & Open Science Conference, Melbourne

Optimal Publication Rules for Evidence-Based Policy (with Toru Kitagawa).
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Published Papers

Deepfake Detection With and Without Content Warnings (with Andrew Lewis, Raymond M. Duch and Areeq Chowdhury). Royal Society Open Science.
[ Abstract | Paper | Commissioned for the Royal Society Report on the Online Information Environment ]

Gender Inequality in Education and Kinship Norms in India (with Anu Rammohan). 2018. Feminist Economics.
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Research in Progress

Preregistration: Out-of-Sample Replication Rate Predictions for the MTurk Replication Project
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Pollution Externalities and Environmental Adaptation: Evidence from Vietnam (with Michael Neubauer).